Quail on the farm

New for 2023

This year we thought we would try rearing quail for the first time.  We setup the brooder in the now empty lamb pen and set about making it a safe and secure place for them to settle in.

Quail are quite sensitive to draughts and shocks, so we were keen to provide the best environment we could for them.

Whilst it has been a learning curve, we have enjoyed looking after them and introducing them to the children during our activity of the day sessions.

Finally we hope to start getting eggs from them later in the month to try.  We aren't planing to keep the quail  beyond the end of September as they will soon need more space to run around.  Don't worry, they will go to a very good home!

You can see from the picture of the regular eggs just how small quail eggs are.


  • Quail are related to pheasent
  • They can start laying from 6 weeks old
  • Can lay up to 300 eggs a year
  • Their eggs are much smaller than a chickens at about 25mm long and about 5.5grams in weight



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