Additional Needs - Dementia Friends

Additional Needs - Dementia Friends

North Hayne Farm is becoming Dementia Aware.  Continuing to provide support to our guests to help make happy memories.

Many of you will know Jenny (our mum!) who helped us to launch the business back in 2004. For over 12 years Jenny ran the feeding time routines, handing out the buckets to our young 'farmers' educating them, helping them and always having a smile to share, lots of laughter and plenty of her time to spend with our families.

She was and remains a key person in our business.

Jenny was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in 2016 (caused by problems with blood supply to the brain) and retired from 'bucket duty' in 2017 aged 79!. Many of our visitors shared their own experiences of Dementia with us at the time and continue to do so. They still like to pop into the farmhouse to say hello to Jenny which is fabulous and a huge testament to her permanent cheerfulness, her popularity and the memories she created.

Throughout the years Dementia has become a much talked about topic both in our own home, our business and in general. It is sadly very common now.  Currently 850,000 people are estimated to be living with dementai in the UK, this figure is predicted to rise to over 1 million by 2025  (Alzheimers research uk). There are many different types and it is so much more than just losing your memory.

Our own experience has taught us however, that with a little bit of extra care, understanding and support for the condition it is possible to make the best of every day, the best of every experience, laugh as much as you can together and make those precious memories while you can.

Our intention is to use our own experiences and to ensure that our knowledge is put to use. With further training for the 'team' we hope to offer Dementia Friendly holidays where families (often multi generational for us in particular) can feel resurred that if they do have a family member with the condition or they themselves do, then they would be met with an understanding that might help them with any specific requirements they might have.

Our journey towards this has started with us becoming a Dementia Friend. "This programme is the biggest ever innitiative to change peoples perception of Dementia" (Dementia Friends UK) and it is our intention to continue to raise awareness of the condition, helping as many people along the way as we can. 

If you would like to learn more yourself please visit or would like more information about a holiday here then please dont hesitate to contact us, we are always very happy to chat.


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