For The Grownups

Our farm has been designed and built with care and attention to detail.  From wide accessible concrete paths, protective fencing and great undercover areas we have worked hard to make the farm area a fabulous space.  Our hand-washing facility encourages everyone to practice good hygiene with wash basins at two levels thereby meeting a wide variety of accessibility needs.

Hygiene on the farm

Our farm also includes a toilet facility which has been built with accessibility in mind.  We have taken great care to design our farm to accommodate not only parents with push chairs and toddlers but also those with the need for better provision of access and facilities.  We hope you like it!

As hygiene around animals is important whether you are in the park playing with your dog or at a farm facility petting animals, we work hard to ensure you are looked after. Prior to your stay we send out an email with information about your stay including a `farm hygiene` sheet.  We also provide this in your cottage information folder should you need to refer to it during your stay.  If you are caring for the elderly, a young child or anyone with additional needs we would suggest you also make use of the clinical hand wipes that are located around the farm.  For those prone to rubbing their face, mouth or sucking fingers a clinical wipe helps clean hands during feeding/contact with the animals; while these should not be used instead of hand-washing they do provide a level of immediate hygiene until you reach the hand-washing area.

Hygiene on the farm

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