Terms & Conditions

Making a booking

Bookings can be placed in one of three ways:-

  • Face-to-face at reception during your stay (a pre-departure discount applies)
  • Using our online booking system
  • By phone

When you want to proceed

  • By clicking the "Book Now" button within the online booking system you are creating a provisional booking for the cottage, date and duration selected; payment details will be taken and payment will be processed at this stage for either the deposit or full amount where there are less than 8 weeks before your holiday. 
  • If you call us to place your booking by phone or in person, we will enter your booking on to our system and by doing so will have confirmed your specified dates and cottage immediately.
  • Your deposit payment
    • A deposit payment (non refundable) is due in order to secure your confirmed booking.  By receiving your deposit we are reserving your cottage for you for your booking date and duration.  This means we are making a commitment to you that we will not market your cottage as being available to book by anyone else for the same booking date.  Deposits also aim to avoid short notice cancellation as these can make it very difficult to re-let as well as resulting in lost revenue due to late availablity discounts being applied.  Holiday cottage businesses have a limited number of weeks that each cottage can be let and can quickly loose revenue due to late cancellations. Details of how to cancel and our terms can be found at the end of this page.
  • Bookings placed either by the online booking system or by phone/face-to-face do not constitute a contract between us until we have received payment from you in accordance with our payment terms as follows:-
    • For bookings more than 8 weeks ahead a 25% (non-refundable) deposit will be required. 
    • Your booking maybe released if your deposit payment is not received within 7 days.  Please do let us know if you require extra time to arrange payment; we do understand that sometimes a little more time is required to organise this and we will never release a booking without trying to contact you first.
    • Bookings made less than 8 weeks before the beginning of your holiday must be paid for in full.
  • Responsibility for the booking and acceptance of our terms lies with the lead person placing the booking and whose name appears on our booking form as the main contact.  This person is responsible for paying for the holiday in accordance with our terms and is also responsible for any damage caused and behaviour of any guest that is part of their booking or friend when invited to visit (please check with us before inviting friends to visit).
  • Where an individual places a group booking they are responsible for all bookings made and all duties as above.
  • Your duration of stay will be limited to the period specified in your booking.  You must depart on the last day of your stay and settle in full any charges incurred during your stay.  You must not use this address in any correspondence other than for supermarket/Farmbox delivery services.


Paying the balance

  • The remainder of your balance must be paid at least 8 weeks before your holiday commences.
  • Late payment
    • Please note we reserve the right to cancel your booking and re-let your cottage if your balance payment is not received 8 weeks before your holiday commences. 
    • We will contact you (using the details you provide on your booking form) requesting payment and advising you of our intentions if payment is not forthcoming.  If you are not contactable we will unfortunately have to assume you wish to cancel the booking. 
    • Please note that you remain liable for the balance payment if we are unable to re-let the cottage.
  • Please see our cancellation policy  towards the end of these terms for more details.


Your accommodation

  • Arrival
    • Your accommodation is available from 4pm on the arrival date.
    • Please advise us if you require a late arrival (after 7pm).  If arriving after 10pm be aware that there will be little ones asleep so please do not drive in to the courtyard as this may disturb our guests.
  • During your stay
    • Your cottage can only be occupied up to the number of guests advertised on our website and as agreed by us when booking.
    • Please ask us before inviting friends to visit you at the farm and your cottage.
    • You are responsible for looking after your cottage during your stay making sure all reasonable care is taken of all its contents.
    • Please note that smoking is only permitted in your garden area and the use of an ash tray is essential.  No discarded cigarettes please.  No smoking is allowed in or near the hot tub or within the children’s farm.
    • No pets are allowed in your cottage or on site.
    • We expect all guests to be courteous to each other and to our staff.  If any guest is found to be acting in an antisocial manner and continues to behave in such a way following our intervention then we have the right to ask the guest or the whole party to leave.  No refund will be made.
    • In the event of any damage or breakages, please notify us immediately so that we may repair or replace the damaged object.  In the event of serious damage/inconvenience to either us or the guests due to use the cottage immediately after you, we reserve the right to make a charge. Please ensure your holiday insurance covers you for accidental damage.
    • We accept no liability for any accident, injury, loss (either financial or otherwise) or damage experienced by any guest, visitor, vehicle or their belongings when outside of our control.
    • Lost keys
      • Where keys have been lost we will (as a security measure) have to replace the affected locks.  All costs relating to the replacement of the locks shall fall to the person who placed the booking.
      • We will take in to consideration the age of the lock and make a reasonable reduction to the cost of replacement.
  • Departure
    • On your departure date you must vacate your cottage by 10am.
    • Please leave the accommodation in the condition that it was found on arrival.  A cleaning charge may apply.
    • You must settle in full any charges incurred during your stay.
  • Charging of electric vehicles is chargeable and not included in our prices.  Please speak to us prior to your stay.


Grounds, Facilities and Children’s farm

  • Our grounds and play equipment are regularly maintained but it is still the responsibility of parents/guardians/careers to ensure that these facilities are supervised where necessary and always used appropriately to avoid damage or injury.  Damage caused to facilities must be reported immediately to allow us to protect other guests from possible harm and rectify promptly.
  • The use of our children’s farm requires that the parent/guardian/career monitor those that they are responsible for. We have invested significantly in the children’s farm to help create a safe and pleasurable experience.  We have produced an information sheet which we will send to you that describes in more depth the use of the children’s farm and the measures you should take to ensure a safe happy experience.  Additional information is placed in your cottage information folder and signage is placed around the farm to further prompt those with responsibility to others.  Our hygiene facilities are well maintained and accessible. Please be sure to read all information that we provide and follow our guidance at all times.



  • We care deeply about your holiday so if we get something wrong we want to put it right. 
  • Please let us know of any problem as soon as they happen so we can do our very best to rectify the issue. 
  • Please don’t wait until you leave to let us know, chances are we could have done something about it.



  • Please note that souvenir photographs of the children are issued free of charge.  We categorically do not pass these on to anyone without your express permission.  They are for the sole purpose of providing you with a souvenir of your holiday. We also endeavour to refrain from using any photos or video that may identify your child on our website or advertising material without your permission however please let us know in advance if this is essential so that we can ensure privacy is protected and respected. 
  • If required we can provide you (FOC) with the digital image for you to download.  High resolution images will need to be requested during your stay and copied to a USB stick (provided by you) as our internet connection will not support large file transfers.
  • Please notify us if you do not wish your child to be photographed.

Cancellation Policy

In order to avoid being responsible for any outstanding charges we strongly recommend that guests take out UK travel holiday insurance when making any booking to cover unexpected reasons for cancellation.

We know that things change so if you need to cancel here are the important things to be aware of:-

1. In the event of a cancellation you must advise us at the earliest opportunity by phone and then email.

2. Where 12 weeks or more notice is provided:-

  • If you wish to move your holiday to another date/cottage then we will use your deposit against your new booking. 
    • When moving to another date this new date must be within a period of a year from date of cancellation. 
    • Any additional payments must be made if the cost of the new booking is greater than that cancelled.
  • If you are unable to move to another date a credit voucher will be provided (valid for up to 24 months from notice of cancellation).
  • If you prefer not to move your booking or receive a credit voucher then we will make a refund once we have successfully relet your break.  This will be based on how much we are able to relet the break for.  NB. Cancellations can result in discounts being offered and in addition it may not be possible to relet the entire break which will also result in a reduced refund being made.
  • Where a full balance payment has already been made we will only retain the appropriate deposit amount that covers any reletting discounts/failed reletting days.  Your balance (less reletting adjustments) will then be refunded.

3. Where less than 12 weeks notice but more than 8 weeks prior to your holiday:-

  • The 25% deposit is retained unless you wish to move your booking.  In this event we will move your deposit subject to re-letting your cancelled holiday.
  • If you prefer you can request a credit voucher (valid for up to 24 months from notice of cancellation).
  • If you are unable to move your booking then we will retain the deposit and cancel the balance due.  Any over payments will be refunded to you.

4. Where less than 8 weeks’ notice is given:-

  • Please refer to your own holiday cancellation insurance details.  We will be able to provide any additional information required by them.
  • Please note, you remain liable for paying the full amount unless we are able to re-let your holiday.
  • If we are able to re-let your holiday we will retain the deposit but refund you the balance less any late booking discounts that we had to offer.

5. Credit Vouchers

  • Where a credit voucher is issued, we will state within the terms (specific to the reason for a voucher being provided) how long the voucher will be valid.
  • No refund can be made against a credit voucher.  A voucher is provided to help safeguard our business from high levels of cancellations by guests whilst not wanting you to lose your monies paid.

Revision History

Updated 6th February 2021 to cover `5. COVID-19 related cancellations` and `6. Restricted facilities due to COVID-19`

Updated 14th July 2021 to improve clarity for cancellations `2. Where 12 weeks or more notice is provided` and consistency of terms in favour of customer for `3. Where less than 12 weeks notice but more than 8 weeks prior to your holiday`. Finally, clarified terms for credit vouchers

Updated 25/02/2023 to remove multiple references to COVID-19 restrictions and cancellations