Awarded Silver for Accessibility and Inclusivity for the whole of the South West of England

Treating everyone with the same care and consideration is a key value of ours. Recognising hidden disabilites and creating a supportive environment for everyone places inclusivity at the heart of our holidays at North Hayne Farm.

We welcome families with additional needs and aim to provide the best holiday we can for all. 

Our farm holidays provide a carefully structured animal feeding routine TWICE a day which provides an essential framework allowing a sense of security to develop which has many beneficial outcomes. 

We recognise that it can be difficult adjusting to any changes to normal home environment, so our farm activities provide a consistent routine in a secure, safe and non-judgmental environment.

Our farm is set in 11 acres within the tranquil fringes of Exmoor National Park, providing a relaxing holiday environment.

Our inclusive policy means that we welcome all ages and aim to provide the very best holidays for all our families including those with:-

  • ASD
  • Anxiety
  • Dementia
  • Learning Support
  • Physical and Sensory access needs

Autism Friendly

Recognising and understanding the needs of those with autism is a key part of our holiday business.  Awarded with the NAS Autism Friendly Award in 2018 (we were the first self catering business in North Devon to achieve this) and subsequently awarded it again in 2019, ensures our commitment and adaptable holidays continue to exceed expectations.

"My daughter has asd and Roger gave her extra duties which helped her socially."  Tripadvisor

Take a look at our children's page for more information about how we support children with Autism.

Sensory Needs

We will happily adapt our schedules to suit particular needs such as moving donkey ride times, ensuring there are no loud noises from machinery used around the site, or even providing a one to one experience if this is helpful. Children with Autism may particularly benefit from this.

We offer a huge range of aids to help deal with sensory overloads, plan your farm day and cope with a change in routine and also have weighted lap blankets and fiddle toys available to help on days out.


Where social interaction is more difficult the twice daily feeding sessions provide a great opportunity for the child/children to form relationships with the animals which can help to develop empathy skills. The therapeutic benefits of stroking the animals, talking with them, feeding them by hand and even riding them (donkeys) can reduce stress levels and even help concentration.

Treatments for anxiety have come on a long way over the years.  Recent studies have shown companion animals to significantly reduce feelings of loneliness and depression.  Whilst some of our animals may not be the best companion animal (sheep for instance) they are great fun to be around and have simple needs... food and a bit of fuss!

Why not find the time for some one-to-one with your favourite animal.

Dementia Aware

With more and more people of all ages living with dementia in the UK and over 670,000 carers of people with dementia we know how a much needed holiday can still be extremely stressful.

Our own personal experience and understanding of the condition and the difficulties it can present mean we are committed to providing help and support to those families who may require it.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs or concerns prior to arrival.

Learning Support

Feeding time at the farm is unhurried and all activities can be adapted to individual needs when required.  Signing is used throughout the farm on an everyday basis underpinning our desire to include all our visitors in our activities.

Verbal communication difficulties can be alleviated with the help of signing (a skill we are continually developing ourselves!!) and also by using our visual aid cards (we are happy to use your own if this helps too).

"The biggest plus point for me was the adjustments that were offered to enable my daughter,who has additional needs, to participate in the activities. It meant a huge amount to me and she had an amazing time."  Tripadvisor

"Cheryl, Farmer Roger and their family were incredible and in particular very attentive to our youngest son's additional needs (non-verbal with severe autism) including learning some makaton signs and being patient!"  Tripadvisor

Physical Needs

Those with limited mobility can access our purpose built farm more easily with wider pathways, handrails, more turning room and a new accessible cottage (Jeremy Fisher) which has plenty of room for extended families/carers to also be accommodated.

Creating a safe environment to meet the needs of our visitors with physical needs or sensory impairment such as Cerebral palsy, loss of sight or a hearing impediment is essential for a relaxing holiday. Our farm has wondersful quiet zones where it is possible to 'escape' and unwind'.  We also provide a range of physical aids such as perch stools, shower chairs, toilet risers, high contrast areas and table to help make your stay as easy as possible


Please see our detailed and downloadable accessibility guide for your prefered cottage for more information.


Call us to discuss any specific needs or concerns you may have, we will ALWAYS try our best to help.

Many thanks

Cheryl & Roger