Big Yellow Supports NAS 2020 World Autism Week

Big Yellow drops into North Hayne Farm to support the NAS 2020 World Autism Week - 30 Mar-5th April 2020

What a surprise, Big Yellow dropped into the farm for his very first video to put a smile on everyone’s face who knows him.  And for those yet to meet him.... look at what you've missed!

As many of you will know, we are keen supporters of the NAS who provide support for anyone needing help or information about Autism in it's many forms.

We have previously raised funds for them but with the current lock down we decided to create a little video as a teat for you all.

His moves haven't improved... we would be concerned if they had but his commitment to helping us raise a smile and hopefully donations was really appreciated.

We hope you aren't too traumatised by his dancing skills!


To donate to the NAS just click here

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