World Autism Awareness Week

World Autism Awareness Day is an internationally recognised day taking place on 2nd April every year. In the week surrounding this day, we take part in World Autism Awareness Week – a full seven days where people across the UK take part in activities to raise money and awareness for the National Autistic Society.

This year, World Autism Awareness Week will be taking place from 1 - 7 April. To help support the NAS North Hayne Farm will be running 2 events which we hope you will enjoy (if you are with us that week) and support (even if you are not!).

Firstly on Wednesday 3rd April we will be running a Spectrum Cakes Workshop where all the children will be creating the most colourful and AMAZING cakes from a range of toppings. ALL ingredients and equipment will be provided; all we ask is that you might be willing to ‘donate for a plate’!! Your own children will ‘set their prices’ (with a little help from us!!) so please come and support them if you can cope with the sugar! (please notify us in advance if there are any special dietary needs).

Secondly, we will be running a ‘Donate for a Donkey’ on Monday 1st and Thursday 4th where Frosty and Abbott will be offering their usual morning donkey rides, but dressed and decorated in rainbow ribbons -supporting children on the Autism Spectrum. If you are able to make a donation of any size for your child/s donkey ride that morning or for some cakes then a huge THANK YOU. The money you raise will help to transform many lives and change attitudes towards Autism.

*If you are NOT with us during our 'awareness week' but would really like to still make a donatation in exchange for a 'rainbow donkey ride' when you visit later in the year then please email us for further information.


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