Autism friendly farm

Providing farm holidays for children with additional needs is very important to us. To continue to support our families we are pleased to introduce our new  'Daily Schedule Pocket Chart' which can be used to help children with their new routine whilst on holiday.

We recognise that some children have difficulties adjusting to change when they are not in their normal home environment. Whilst we provide a 'structured' routine at both our animal feeding sessions the rest of the day can still be quite a challenge. 

The pocket chart is designed to be a visual aid allowing the child to communicate with you and see what will be happening throughout the day, providing order and reasurance. It is tailored specifically to the farm and local attractions in North Devon so will hopefully be fun to use and very relevant.

Whilst it is intended in particular,for children with Autism, please contact us if you think your child/children would benefit. We have 3 available from reception to borrow.


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