Here at the farm we have a variety of friendly animals for the children (and adults) to meet and feed with all farm activities supporting the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and Key Stage 1 and 2. Children and animals are a natural combination, they are great companions and can teach the value of responsibility.

For all children regardless of ability or range of additional needs this companionship is invaluable; helping to raise self esteem, develop social skills and feel secure through an organised and consistent feeding routine.

The care of animals is important and here at the farm during feeding sessions we take the time to explain to children who have little or no experience of animals and their needs.

We hope that by the end of the holiday every child has learnt something important about our animals and will enjoy building on that new-found knowledge.

What you can do

Come down to the barns twice a day to help feed and care for the animals then collect freshly laid eggs from our hens who will provide plenty of entertainment for anyone brave enough to feed them worms. They lay fresh eggs for us most mornings which our guests are welcome to come and help collect and are available to buy from the farm house.

And there's more

For our morning helpers there is the added excitement of having a free donkey ride (kindly provided by Costello).  At the end of each afternoon feeding session we have an `activity of the day` (except Saturdays), check out the notice board down at the feed barn for details of the activity.  These hands-on sessions provide the opportunity for you to meet a number of our animals ranging from rabbits and guinea pigs to our goats Bramble,Pepper, Flapjack and Porridge who are always keen to be groomed or taken for a walk.  We always make sure we choose an activity that is appropriate for those taking part.

Finally, don't forget to pop in and say hello to Truffle our pig who really enjoys meeting our visitors.

Feeding time down at the barns is a hands-on experience for all the family to enjoy whatever your age.